John Reid

John Reid

A little about me: I live in San Rafael with my wife, Rebecca, and our daughters, Ellie and Lydia. We also have a fish named Buster, who is really Buster the Second, but Ellie does not know this.

Having had plenty of "real" jobs, I feel incredibly lucky to get paid to build brands. I love figuring out what makes a brand special to its fans. I love working with brilliant people to come up with piles of great ideas. I love seeing those ideas come to life and seep into our culture. 

I love creativity, figuring out the best way to have lots of great ideas in the shortest time, and finding ways to express a brand's narrative in any medium. I don't say things like "express a brand's narrative" in real life. 

Thanks for checking out my work. For rates and availability: or 415-419-6786.